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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Aboi's Updates For December 2013

Here's the link for the previous month's market sense: Aboi's Updates for October 2013
For those who find it hard to follow I suggest reading through my previous posting on how I am using technical indicators as a trend seeker.
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During my short absence due to exam studies, Bursa has broke the 1800 resistance line. I reiterate what I published during October that "Based on Bursa historical growth rate I think Bursa will only top at most 1800-1850 by year's end (with the former more likely)". Looking at the price-volume trend - increasing price with declining volume is a BEARISH sign + RSI indicator at the overpriced region of 80, I will still hold Bursa between 1800-1850 by year's end. Nothing exciting happening as expected besides the major surge in TNB due to electricity tariff hikes. I am changing my two support lines to 1800 followed by 1750 and a new resistance at 1900. 

I will begin to analyze several US based stocks starting 2014 - even though the bull trend might be on its last legs in the US - doesn't hurt to start researching first. I will maintain my cash level in my Malaysian portfolio for the time being - as I think 2014 might be a tricky year in Bursa so hence some buying opportunity.

Second my portfolio decreased in value ~RM90 is negligible compared to its size. Supermx's gain was offset-ted by Genting's yet again trading sideways @ around RM10 area. Kenanga Fund is doing extremely well for a fund that I invested in only 7 months with a 24.53% total returns so far. The recently added AmDynamicBond is not expected to have +ve results somewhere until the middle of next year so I am not worried. It is better to buy bonds when they are cheaper now as subscription floods it. As usual AMP Capital has a really good compressed weekly information (freely available, no sign ups) on weekly global market & global economic updates. It is usually updated every Monday afternoon so go read it when you have the time. 
Portfolio composition. Equities 50%, Mixed Assets 15%, REITs 10%, Bonds 5% and Cash 20%.
Targets for returns p.a. Equities type 12%, Mixed Assets 8%, REITs 6%, Bonds 5% and Cash 3.75%.

*Revised benchmark from 22.29% to the more accurate current rate of 34.20% 

#1 Portfolio target for third year @ RM128k for April 2013 and fourth year @ RM140k for April 2014. Third year target EXCEEDED! Fourth year has also EXCEEDED but let's wait till April 2014 to declare absolute victory :)
#2 From previous post: Decided NOT to add PARKSON in the end. Would continue to use ICAP as proxy to Parkson to be on the safe side.
#3 On a side note, there is nothing to buy in Malaysia equities, things are expensive nowadays. I am more optimistic about my buying chances in 2014.

Disclaimer: The reports, analysis and recommendations in this blog are solely my personal views. I do not link to any investment body or company. As such, I will not be responsible of any of your investment decision. Consult your investment adviser or come to your own conclusions before making any investment decision.

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