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Sunday, May 15, 2011

VirtualPot Folio As At 15th May 2011

Have been rather busy with traveling and settling down in the States since I arrived a week ago. On work assignment for 14 months but I'll still be blogging :) Expect to see me post about gold, economics 101 & how to build a conservative portfolio. Arggh I did not bring my Stock Performance Guide book but I am getting someone's help to bring it over in the coming months so I can resume my usual stock analysis. Meanwhile I might start with a US company this time. 

Portfolio gains remains roughly the same @ 17.6% from the previous month's 17.9%. Losses from JOBST are compensated by gains from ICAP. SUPERMX went underwater for the first time it was bought. Unless there is no QE3 from the United States, the greenback should be starting to strengthen against the ringgit by year's end. This should help the margins of the rubber glove company while I have no concerns with demand and profit in the coming year.

Am I going to buy anything since I got spare change haha? Well I am going to inject some into my conservative SIF to catch on the semi annual dividend payout in June for this year's allocation. For the equity front, it could very well be more FREIGHT or SUPERMX. My coverage on Bursa technical analysis would be very limited now as I see no major benefit in using it unless I think the market is going to turn around (big rally or recession or depression). Most of you should know that Bursa is trading sideways for months. Heck don't go and listen to those mouth only analysts who repeatedly mention that Bursa can hit like 2000 points this year. Come one think Msia can grow so fast meh? We are not Chinaman.

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