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Friday, January 15, 2016

Some Interesting Presentations from Marketplace Fair @ Bursa

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Small Cap Jewel & Market Outlook 2016 - Lim Sae Wai - RHB
- Review of past year events and global markets as well as outlook. It also details Small Cap Jewels - 5 picks. However small cap is largely high risk investment hence it also explains the high level of returns. If I would go into small cap I would pick funds; notably Eastspring Investments Small-Cap Fund.

REITs An Alternative to Property Investment - PC Wong
- Nice explanation of this asset class and comparison to traditional properties. Many of you know I'm not shy of REITs. BSDREIT earned me 65% returns over 3 years before I finally sold it off. I'm interested in KLCCP merely waiting for a better price and now I also have my eyes on: AmAsia Pacific REITs Plus.

2016 Malaysia Equities Outlook and Strategy - Wong Chew Hann - MaybankKE
- Shows Malaysia key economic indicators but my favourite here is the 2016 - Lookouts section, much so that I printed it out.

An Overview of Karex Berhad $KARE
- I didn't know much about this company except that it makes condom, LOL until I read this clearly well defined presentation. I have SUPERMAX (glove co) but this co looks pretty well managed and has potential.

Smart and Easy Investing in ETFs - iVCAP
- I don't pay attention to ETFs because they are boring and the only strategy I see is to buy a the right time (when the market is at near bottom) because it's tracks the stock index. However this foil has a good flow of information regarding exchange traded funds. ETFs are largely unknown here in Malaysia but has been around globally for a long time.

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