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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Emerging Markets Continue To 'Lao Sai'

"Lao Sai" Hokkien dialect meaning 'dribble shit'. It means a case of diarrhoea. 

As of February the 4th 2014

As the Federal Reserve makes steps to normalize monetary policy, currency experts 'BUKAN saya' only expect things to get worse for these markets as the U.S. dollar is forecasted to get stronger. However I have talked about this several times albeit primarily w.r.t (with respect to) the Ringgit. [1] Aboi's Updates For February 2014 (Welcoming the Horse) [2] MYR, The Gohmen, Interest Rates, Property - The Linkages and also in my Facebook page @ Aboi's Blog. How long more can BNM defend the ringgit without having to increase interest rates?

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