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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The 2015 Investor Day by iCapital

I will be heading down to the capital for this event: The 2015 Investor Day of Berhad. I do try to attend every year if possible. Chaired by Tan Teng Boo, he provides informative, interactive and interesting sessions to the public. He also appears regularly in Bloomberg TV.

*Below taken from event page
Date: 19-20 September 2015.
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Admission is free. Registration is needed (on the link earlier),

 Day 1: Where are we really heading?
Listen to Tan Teng Boo,
as he tells The Malaysian Story
with brutal honesty, without fear or favour.
"Successful economic development is a process that takes decades of hard work, sacrifices, dogged determination, smart and wise socio-economic policies, and an obsession with the long- term. There is no short cut."
— Tan Teng Boo

Malaysia has been going through trying times, with crisis after crisis gripping the country. The plots thicken by the year, and have been affecting the socio-economic and political platforms.

The newspapers, social media and more spewing tall tales are confusing Malaysians even more. The ordinary Malaysians in coffee shops, and around dinner tables echo the same confusing negativity.

Our education system, our urban congestion, our environment needs to be improved, if we’re to prevent the rot that set in decades ago.

Here’s the thing: All truths are easy to understand once you discover them, but you have to discover them first.

Join Tan Teng Boo on Saturday, 19th September and allow him to share with you the endless possibilities that he sees for Malaysia.

Day 2: How to become a better investor?
The second day is aimed at making you a better investor. How to manage your investments more productively? How you can invest safely in the stock market and build your wealth for your future? What is the Margin of Safety principle? How can you benefit from the shrinking Ringgit? Will Interest Rates Stay Low Forever?

Make 20 September a productive day by listening and grilling the senior managers of the listed companies that Berhad has invested in. Boustead Holdings Berhad, Vitrox Corporation Berhad and Suria Capital Holdings Berhad.

See you there!

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