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Thursday, March 21, 2013

10% Profits-Two Months-Give VSA Another Try

This goes back to the original post of MPHB: Applying Volume Spread Analysis Method (VSA). After just a mere two months results are seen, so far I have not seen any clear sign of weakness. In addition I will give VSA another try, this time applying to another counter of mine: Genting (blogspot just updated, view it here: Genting unleashes its war chest, enters Las Vegas

So did you also put your money in MPHB two months ago? VSA does not work on all stocks, if not everyone would be rich. Only take interest in companies that have a growing revenue with manageable debts, simply said it's EPS (Earnings Per Share) must grow every year! It is to minimize risk while at the same time optimizing the value of your returns. If you are unsure which companies are these, head to my Watchlist section.

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